[INFOGRAPHIC] How can a Diploma of Event Management benefit Australian registered clubs?

What does it take for a registered club to run a fantastic event? The answer, unsurprisingly, is a lot! 

From the right venue to all the trimmings such as food, drink and entertainment, there are dozens of boxes that need to be ticked in order for an event to run smoothly. Most importantly of all, registered clubs need to have staff that are experienced, skilled and keen to get stuck into each project with passion. Not only are staff responsible for sorting out all the different components that make up a successful function, they also make a huge difference to attendee experience, and help keep your club at the cutting edge by staying on top of the latest trends. 

The question then, is where to find these talented employees? Securing experienced events staff can be a real challenge, which is why so many businesses are choosing to train talent, by investing in a Diploma of Event Management for their best employees. 

We're committed to the future of clubs by training fresh talent and helping established employees take the next step.

A Diploma of Event Management from Barringtons

Barringtons has had a long and successful relationship with the Australian clubs industry for years, and part of our contribution is ensuring the sector's talent pool is as deep as possible. From our JobsInClubs recruitment portal to a variety of training opportunities, we're committed to the future of registered clubs by training fresh talent and helping established employees take the next step on the path to club leadership. 

A critical part of this is offering a Diploma of Event Management, a qualification that provides staff with the skills they need to lead fantastic events now and in the future. With club-tailored units designed to provide training specific to the industry, it's the perfect option for any employee or business looking to up their events game. 

Promoting from within

Here at Barringtons, we also believe in promoting the best employees from within a business. This fosters loyalty, encourages employees to strive for more and reinforces your business as a supportive place to work. Identifying staff with a passion for events and investing in their Diplomas of Event Management provides all of these benefits, as well as access to the latest skills and information they (and you) need to be successful. 

In case you need more convincing, check out the infographic below for four reasons why this investment will provide both short and long-term rewards. For more information, contact Barringtons today. 

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