What are the fundamentals of marketing for Australian clubs?

When you market your club effectively you create a foundation for success. The importance of marketing could take up an entire article in itself, however, for the sake of this piece, we can boil the significance into three broad categories.

Awareness: If you want people to buy into your services, they first need to know who you are and why you're special. Marketing is the most direct and effective way to communicate this to your audience in a fun and engaging way.

When you market your business effectively you create a foundation for success.

Engagement: How can you keep your club on the minds of your customers once they've walked out the door? One word: marketing. Audiences want to build a relationship with your brand and marketing lays the foundation for those connections to flourish.

Growth: Marketing helps expand your client base. Campaigns on social media, email and even print can help engage existing customers as well as captivate new ones. Marketing secures your business's future through new and old customer engagement.

The fundamentals of marketing for Australian clubs

Now that you know just how important marketing is, where do you start? There are some basics things to understand before you dive in.

Marketing, at its core, is all about promoting your brand and selling your services. To do this you need to take three preliminary steps:

  • Locate and define your market
  • Promote your business to your intended customers
  • Sell your service

Locating and defining your market

Successful marketing depends on thorough research. Without doing your due diligence, you can't target your campaigns to the right audiences which wastes time and money. To avoid this, you need to pinpoint your market and define them for future use.

Successful marketing depends on thorough research.

This starts with market research. Look through your customer databases and analyse their information. Are there any trends in who frequents your club? What are their general reasons for visiting? From there, do some research on the standard customer base for clubs in your area. Are you attracting a similar crowd? Are there certain demographics missing?

After compiling this information, define what your market looks like. From age to interests to locations – this information will help inform how you will market your business.

From there, you can begin to shape your target audience. Remember just because your current patrons fall into one demographic doesn't mean you should limit your marketing efforts to them. A target audience will ideally be a mix of current customers and prospects. Sit down and define who you are aiming to reach with your efforts and let these definitions inform your strategy decisions down the line.

Deciding on promotion tactics

Promotion tactics and marketing strategies will rely heavily on your market research. If you determine your club's demographic is predominantly 20-30 year olds in your area, you'll likely want to leverage social media platforms and mobile marketing techniques to reach your audience.

You can also look to your competitors for inspiration. Have you seen them successfully execute a campaign recently? What made it successful? What do you think could have been improved?

Selling your services

Once you've done the groundwork, sales should be a natural outcome. When you get the right messages out to the right people, your club and staff will help you secure the success of your services.

Once your marketing plan is set in motion you'll see some exciting results.Once your marketing plan is set in motion you'll see some exciting results.

Quick tips for the road

You've got the basics and you're ready to begin marketing your club. Here are some final speedy tips to keep in mind so you're marketing is fresh, effective and on-trend.

1. Social media is king

It may seem obvious but in 2018 social media marketing should be one of your main focuses. According to PwC research:

  • 59 per cent of global consumers use social media to research brands to interact with
  • 34 per cent use social platforms to receive promotional offers
  • 16 per cent of global consumers will click on an ad that is relevant to them when posted on social media

2. Remember to spark a conversation

Patrons want to engaged with your business. This means promoting conversations through your marketing and participating in the relevant interactions to build an engaged customer base. Gallup reports that businesses with successfully engaged customers lay claim to 63 per cent lower customer attrition and 55 per cent higher share of wallet.

3. Don't forget who you are

Customers prefer businesses that are authentic and consistent. Once you define your brand, make sure you stick to it. According to a 2017 Consumer Content Report, 90 per cent of young consumers say brand authenticity is important to them when deciding which businesses to support.

This means you need to maintain your brand values in your marketing collateral and in your customer interactions. Do you pride yourself on being a fun and friendly club? Show it. Are you more of an edgy and innovative establishment? Portray that. Whatever your angle, stay consistent.

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